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Who is Itzah C. Kret?

Itzah C. Kret lives in Washington D.C. with his wife, Eye'ma C. Kret, and their children, Heesa C. Kret and
Sheesa C. Kret.  In addition to making large mobiles, he writes and illustrates poetry for young children.   
In October, 2003, he published his first color illustrated children's book in Seussian style titled
The Man
with the Sneezes.   In November, 2004, his second color children's book, My Nutty Neighbors featuring
his original bird-letter type face, shot off the presses.  In July of 2005 his third book,
Mop 'Til You
Drop, was printed in Bangalore, India.  Finally, in 2008  His best book titled "I Forget To Remember"  
was released to high praise.  

Itzah and his family also have two vacation properties available for rent, a three bedroom villa on the
beach in Playa Ocotal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica and a three bedroom condo slopeside in Telluride, Colorado.  
If you want information about renting either of these properties

Itzah C. Kret has held various "day" jobs including: a union organizer,  telephone operator for the deaf,  
cabin boy on a research vessel in Antarctica,  Bobcat dance producer,  landscaper,  lawyer,  day care
center assistant teacher and "Mr. Friendly" at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.  Itzah C. Kret is a
missionary for a grass roots holiday
Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.   To read a newspaper article about
Itzah C. Kret

Itzah C. Kret is also known as The Phantom Planter because he goes around planting flowers in public
places.  Since 1979 he guesses he's  planted over 41,317 flowers in ten states and six foreign countries
including India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Argentina.  In the Spring of 2009 he breached the Israeli
Embassy security barriers to plant caladium bulbs (not bombs, bulbs) which made the
Washington Post in
the fall when they bloomed.
   In 2005, he planted over 20,000 morning glories in Bangalore, India.  In
October, 2003, he planted 202 tulips, crocuses and windflowers right under the St. Louis Gateway Arch.   On April
12, 2004, he struck in Buenos Aires, Argentina, planting dozens of  Morning Glories in La Boca and in the park in front
of the Casa Rosada
. (He may have an obsessive compulsive floral disorder.)   To read the transcript of an
NPR interview of The Phantom Planter
CLICK HERE.  To read an article about The Phantom Planter from
his law school newspaper

Itzah C. Kret also makes large mobiles and collages.  He lost most of his sight in one eye in
September 2011 and began dancing to deal with the pain.
For photos of his collages and his dancing

For photos of his mobiles CLICK HERE
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